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Enduro Shoot-Out Event
comment 1 Comment October 4, 2009 – 11:29 pm

Enduro shoot out go kart racing

The event can run with either 8 or or up to 15 drivers
$85.00 per driver/kart, for bookings contact us via our Booking Enquiries page

If only 8 drivers are competing the format is as follows:

5mins qualifying session for each driver
20min heat. The fastest qualifying time to start on pole
20min reverse grid (pre-final). The last position finisher from the first heat to start on pole
15min final. The driver who finishes with the lowest point score from the previous heat races will start on pole.

Winner from the 15min final takes overall honours for the night/day.

If 16 drivers are competing the format is as follows:

The 16 driver competition runs to a similar format as the 8 driver event, except that there will be two 5min qualifying sessions. These will determine which division you are in.
Everybody will qualify, however the top 4 from each qualifying group will go through to the A division and bottom 4 from each group will be in the B division.
The 15minute final is made up of the 10 drivers who have scored the lowest amount of points throughout the day/night of racing.

Point scoring

Fastest qualifying time -2
1st =1
2nd =2
3rd =3
and so on…

1hr Single Driver Enduro

$75.00 per driver/kart
1hr single driver Endurance-Style Event
10min qualifying session to determine your grid position for the race
1 hr non-stop race (approx 130–135 laps)

2hr 2 Driver Enduro

$165.00 per kart/team
2hr two driver Endurance-Style Event
5min qualifying session for each driver
The fastest combined time gains pole position for the race and so on
2 hrs of racing to follow with 4 compulsory 5min pit stops throughout the race.

Drivers can expect around 250 laps to be completed of the course of the race.

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  1. I am interested, once you have start date I will be able to get a few friends interested.

    By Peter Jones on May 11, 2011 | Reply

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